Student-Athletes and Rivalries: The Spirit of NCAA Athletics 

NCAA, also known as the "National Collegiate Athletic Association," is an American-based non-profit organization. It governs all the students' athletics in the schools of the USA and Canada. Moreover, it organizes athletic programs for college and university students. Sports without rivalry are undoubtedly too bland. In this article, we have listed the most famous rivalries in NCAA Athletics.

The unforgettable rivalries covered in this article are Ohio State vs. Michigan, Alabam vs. Auburn, USC vs. UCLA, Harvard vs. Yale, Texas vs. Oklahoma, Florida vs. Georgia,  Notre Dame vs. USC, and Michigan vs. Michigan State.

In NCCA athletics, the rivalries among college student-athletes play a significant role in continuing the legacy of the NCAA with energy.

Top 8 NCCA Athletic Rivalries

Rivalries in sports are vital in drawing huge fans; let's take you through some NCCA rivalries.

1. Ohio State vs. Michigan

The famous rivalry known as "The Game" is between colleges Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines. Their famous rivalry is in Football, and their matches are one of the most fired-up matches anticipated by the fans.

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These two football teams are the most successful in the NCAA athletics Football division. The rivals first met in 1897. From 1918-2020, they played matches as rivals on a streak.

2. Alabama vs. Auburn

The rivalry between them is named "The Iron Bowl." They represent Auburn University Tigers and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Both colleges have fixed their place in Southeast Conference as charter members.

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They are renowned rivals in the whole American college Football competition history. Their rivalry started in 1893; they even played as rivals last year.

3. USC vs. UCLA

The rivalry is called the "Battle of Los Angeles or the "Crosstown Rivalry." The two titles are very appropriate as the colleges, i.e., The University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles, are situated in Los Angeles, with a distance of about 12 miles.

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The universities are now part of the PAC 12 Conference, but by 2024, both will be promoted to the Big Ten Conference.

4. Harvard vs. Yale

The most famous rivalry in the history of NCAA Athletics is Football. The rivalry teams are Harvard Crimson Football of Havard University and the Yale Bulldogs of Yale University. Their rivalry is often called "The Game."

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These Ivy League institutions are rivals in many sports, but their competition is primarily in Football. They first played against each other in 1875. After that, it has become their annual tradition, and they meet each other yearly for a match.

5. Texas vs. Oklahoma

The rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma is popularly known as the "Red River Shootout." This heated-up rivalry is between the University of Texas Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners. The name "Red River" is appropriate because of the river covering the Texas and Oklahoma border.

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They played The first match in 1990 and still play each other's rivals. The game annually takes place at the Cotton Bowl Stadium.

6. Florida vs. Georgia

This rivalry is between the University of Florida Gators and the University of Georgia Bulldogs. The rival first met in 1904 and still meet for their annual match, usually held in Jacksonville, Florida.

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This energetic game attracted massive spectators and even ignited tailgating in Jacksonville; thus, it got its nickname "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." However, the name is not in use anymore officially. 

7. Notre Dame vs. USC

This is an American collegiate rivalry between the Notre Dame Irish Football of the University of Notre Dame and the USC Trojans Football of the University of Southern California. Both teams have a significant history in Football. They are famous for their fierce, rough, and strategic gameplay. 

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Their rivalry began in 1926, and till today, they have annual face-offs. Their 73 years of playing streak was interrupted during World War II and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The rivals and the teams are very successful in Football, with a record of winning national championships, etc.

8. Michigan vs. Michigan State

This rivalry is often known by the name "Battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy," and it's quite appropriate because they fight for the Paul Bunyan Trophy. They represent the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State University Spartans.

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Their rivalry is popular for Football but extends to other games, such as Basketball. They first played as rivals in 1898 and have met 114 times in total. However, they still play each year. Hence the count is ongoing.

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Q: What is the complete form of the NCAA?

Ans: NCAA is the abbreviation of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is the governing body of collegiate athletics in the US.

Q: How do NCAA rivalries develop?

Ans: NCAA rivalries develop with previous heat-up matches where the energy is extremely high, and the fan following goes wild throughout the game. 

Q: Which are the oldest NCAA rivalries?

Ans: Harvard vs. Yale and Michigan vs. Ohio State are the two oldest NCAA rivalries that are still going on.

Q: How do NCAA rivalries impact players' performance?

Ans: NCAA Athletics rivalries directly impact the players' performance by inspiring them to beat each other and improving their game skills. And the improvement will lead to their success in the future.

Q: Are NCAA rivalries confined to only Football and Basketball?

Ans: NO, NCAA rivalries are not confined to any specific sport. It covers all sports like baseball, basketball, Football, and many more.

Q: How do the NCAA rivalries affect fans and alumni?

Ans: NCAA rivalries affect their fans and alumni to a vast extent as they are emotionally attached to their favorite groups and players, and every match they play means a lot to them.

Q: Do the rival teams have a respectful relationship outside the competition?

Ans: Yes, the rival teams have a respectful and friendly relationship with the other teammates of the rival factions. True sportsmanship will never let anyone down. Keeping a match friendly is very crucial.

Q: Is it possible for the NCAA rivalries to change or fade away over time?

Ans: Yes, NCAA rivalries can change or fade away because of various reasons, namely, Conference realignment, team performances, or shift in the interests of the fans.


In conclusion, we can indeed say that rivalry is significant for one's self-improvement in sports. NCAA athletics isn't out of the traditional drill; hence, the rivalry is also significant for them. Our motive behind writing this article was to make you aware of the most famous and influential rivalries. We hope we are success full on our motive and that this article was beneficial to you.